There were many great lemonade stands out, all over Lubbock, in celebration of Lemonade Day. Lonestar, helped some of them get the word out, with quick live pop-up remote announcements; interviews with the kids at their Lemonade Stands!

The message and mission statement of the day from the official site at is Empowering Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs.

Young entrepreneurs were out everywhere around Lubbock. It was great to capture some photos and some stories to share!

10-year-old Izzy, with the smiling support of her parents, set up a  lemonade stand with a variety of flavored lemonades, homemade cookies and cherry pickles. She is working to raise money for her trip to California in the spring, to compete in a national acting competition. This budding actor was full of personality and had worked hard to create an exciting lemonade stand, on the corner of 50th and Boston in front of Goodyear Tires. We wish Izzy the very best in her National competition.

About a dozen third grade students from Bowie Elementary, and their teacher Mary Ann Lang were in front of Lowe's Market at 19th and Frankford, with a high energy lemonade stand! They were raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Lang shared with me that last year they had raised $527 for St Jude and this year their goal was $600. She said things had been going very well, they were keeping busy and were very optimistic about reaching their goal. It's great to see these kids so motivated to help the St. Jude kids, a cause that is so close to our hearts here at Lonestar. We wish them great success!

In front of Samuel's Diamonds at 74th and Quaker I visited the Lemonade Stand of 5-year-old Ian who was out with a big smile and the enthusiastic support of his whole family. They were busy serving regular and pink lemonade with fresh strawberries.They wanted to raise money for their church and their school they told me. Best of luck to this young hard-working family! Great job!

It was truly impressive and exciting to see the kids take charge of these Lemonade stands with so much joy. It was a beautiful job, with lots of smiles and enthusiasm.

My first Lubbock Lemonade Day left a wonderful impression!  This is a great example of the many reasons to love Lubbock.

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