I got tagged in a Facebook post and almost had a little bit of a panic attack.

Apparently, a local women was craving Mai Thai Kitchen and went to Facebook to see where they were going to be because that's what you do when you are looking for a food truck. Somehow, it was nowhere to be found.

She logged into Facebook to message them, and discovered they've apparently changed their name and ownership. She began to panic. It seems like they changed the name to Clarifa Rose, and the logo was black with a red rose. Very interesting, right? She continued to scroll to see a picture of a sloppy burger and undercooked, over-season fries and she was appalled.

Thankfully for all of us in Lubbock, she woke up and realized it was all a nightmare. So she took to Facebook and gave everyone a quick scare and laugh. I guess you know food is that good when you're dreaming about it -- and the fear of losing it.

This not only gave everyone all types of emotions, but it also made everyone crave it. Obviously, I had stop by Mai Thai Kitchen on Saturday. It was delicious. I got the special, chicken fried rice and the crab rangoon.

The moral of the story: Lubbock people love food and local businesses so much we dream about them. I can say it's definitely happened to me. I hope it gave everyone a little laugh today, because we need it.

The greatest part about this story? The women who wrote this, Jo Huddleston, is going to be on a new menu and featured as the JoJo Special. I can't wait to try it!

If you want to check out this awesome food truck you can find them on Facebook and hopefully very soon their new brick-and-mortar spot once it is all ready.

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