Back in March, I told you about a company that does permanent jewelry. Well, we just got some exciting news that they are opening up a brick-and-mortar.

This is such a craze that blew up everywhere. LYLAS Permanent Jewelry is such a fun idea and I love that we will be able to get to check them out at one set location.

Until their storefront is ready they do popups all over Lubbock at people's stores, boutiques, events and even private parties. Prices depend on what chain you pick out, and it takes about 15 minutes for a weld for you and your bestie. Each piece is 14k gold filled or sterling silver so you don't have to worry about it ever turning. Even better: if you have to remove the bracelet for any reason, it's simple to do and they can even re-weld it.

They actually weld the jewelry onto you, so it's fun to do and watch. No matter if you're getting permanent jewelry with a sibling or cousin, a best friend or your spouse, this is a fun thing to do together and show your love.

LYLAS Permanent Jewelry
LYLAS Permanent Jewelry

You can learn more about LYLAS.Forever on Facebook and check out their list of upcoming events in Lubbock. You can even make reservations there so you have the perfect time to fit your busy schedule.

Their new location will be located at 2402 Slide Road, Suite 203 in Lubbock, Texas. While it could depend on a lot of things, they hope to have their location this summer. They've been working with the contractor and just have a few things left to finish inside.

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