A vehicle crash occurred in West Lubbock early Monday morning resulting in the death of one person. The Lubbock Police Department received a call on Monday, November 7, at 7:52 a.m. to the area of 34th Street and West Loop 289. At the scene police discovered two vehicles that appeared to have been involved in a collision in the southbound lanes of West Loop 289.

19-year-old Corbin Thompson, who was one of the drivers in the crash, exited his vehicle that was on the shoulder of the road. It was at this time that 32-year-old Kelcy Tekell, who was driving by, parked her vehicle and made her way to where the collision had occurred to be able to check on everyone that was involved in the accident.

At the same time Tekell was checking on Thompson is when 19-year-old Vance Worley was traveling south on the entrance ramp in the 2900 block of West Loop 289. Worley then veered his vehicle to the right to avoid a collision with another car but ended up striking one of the vehicles involved in the accident.

The vehicle Worley hit with his car was nearby Thompson and Tekell and the strike caused the vehicle to strike Thompson and Tekell while Tekell was checking on Thompson. After being hit by the vehicle Thompson and Tekell had to both be transported to University Medical Center by EMS. Thompson did suffer moderate injuries and Tekell suffered serious injuries, Tekell was later pronounced deceased.

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