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Are you under 5 feet tall? Do you like seafood? Then you're in luck! Today only (May 10th), World of Beer in Lubbock, Texas is giving away a free char-grilled shrimp dish to anyone 5 feet tall and under.

Make sure when you go in that you mention the Shrimp Eat Free promotion to get the sweet deal. Otherwise they might charge you the regular price, and free is always better than not free. Plus, it's time to celebrate your shrimpy-ness. You deserve that free meal. Life has probably given you plenty of lemons in the form of things on really high shelves that you can never reach without assistance.

I'm over 6 feet tall and I'm always complaining about it, but now I might cry a little bit extra cuz ya girl loves shrimp and there won't be any freebies coming by way. Dang it!

Here's a little bit from the Lubbock World of Beer's press release on the promotional event:

"At WOB Bar & Kitchen, we believe in great beer, great food, and having a ton of fun, which is especially important these days...We truly hope that guests – both short and tall – get a kick out of this offer.  Because what better way to spread a little happiness than by sharing a few drinks, delicious eats, and laughter on a fun food holiday!"

So grab up all of your shrimpy pals and head over to World Of Beer for a delicious free meal, today only. Enjoy!

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