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Lubbock pool season is here! But when will the City of Lubbock pools open? Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the only answer available on the City of Lubbock website is "2020 Pool Season -To Be Determined'

It's no doubt they are working to understand how to open pools safely during this unprecedented time. This time last year our Lubbock Municipal pools opened on Tuesday May 28th.

As of today, May 29th, our Texas waterparks are allowed to re-open under guidelines issued by the state. So it's hopeful that soon we will see our pools open.

Research from the Center for Disease Control, tells us:

There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds. Additionally, proper operation of these aquatic venues and disinfection of the water (with chlorine or bromine) should inactivate the virus.

Social distancing is recommended at public pools as well as the wearing of face masks when not in the water.

From what I've seen, some apartment pools are open, and some hotel pools are open. Many of us are investing in backyard pools and finding creative ways to go for a swim this summer.

So, we are on standby for our four City of Lubbock municipal pools, still closed,  and we are also on stand by for a call back from the city regarding our inquiry.

It is great to know that the CDC does not find evidence of risk of the spread of coronavirus in swimming pools and that today is the day swimming parks will be able to re-open. We know many of us are ready to go for a swim, so we'll keep you posted about the city pools re-opening plans.

You can follow this link for more information about our four City of Lubbock pools; Clapp Park, Maxey, Montelongo and Mae Simmons Pools.

Get your swimsuits ready!


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