On Monday, Toot’n Totum in partnership with Valero will introduce customers to its “Big Fuel Deal” where guests can save $0.95 per gallon and $0.20 per gallon for the rest of the year.

An unprecedented one-time discount of $0.95 per gallon will be available to new users of Valero Pay+ and Valero Value Pay methods of payment.

Current users will save $0.45 per gallon and everyone who uses Valero Pay+ and Valero Value Pay will save $0.20 in the future every time they fill up the tank. First-time users $.50 per gallon.

The release clarified that “guests must utilize the Valero Pay+ mobile app coupled with Valero Value Pay as their preferred payment method” and savings will only be available at Valero-branded Toot’n Totum locations.

Toot’n Totum hopes new guests will take advantage of the offer that will only be available on Monday. “That amount of savings is really unprecedented,” said Lutz.
The release said Toot’n Totum understands the importance of giving back to the local communities it serves and will be committed to delivering unparalleled value and convenience to its guests.

Lubbock has 8 Valero-branded Toot’n Totum stores. To find the nearest Valero-branded Toot’n Totum check out their website here.

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