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The Panhandle South Plains Fair returns to Lubbock September 24th through October 2nd at the municipal fairgrounds (105 E Broadway). The fair has a lot to offer, from thrilling rides to entertainment, to exhibitions of animals and competitions of unusually huge pumpkins and other cute folksy stuff. You know you'll run into a cousin or an old friend or that one ex-coworker you really liked. I love the fair, it holds a special, sentimental place in my heart.

However, I feel like there is one amenity of the fair that far exceeds the glory of even the largest vegetables and cutest baby chicks: the incredible food. I have my favorites, including the hamburger from the tiny white building no one seems to know the name of, and my once-a-year lemonade made with fresh strawberries, and piles of real sugar.

I asked Lubbock's premiere group of gourmands, the LBK Foodies, for their favorites and they had strong opinions. I think we are all quite hyped for the best "ride" at the fair, the food.

If any food "won," it was the turkey legs, which were mentioned frequently and lovingly. Although one commenter, Mia M., has since chosen to forgo the turkey leg for strategic purposes:

I like the corn, particularly out of the cup. The fried PB&J is underrated IMO. Obv the turkey leg is a classic, but I haven’t had one in so long bc it takes up too much room in my belly.

Understandable. Sometimes heartbreaking choices must be made. Speaking of strategy, our buddy Topher took the opportunity to share his cheese on a stick eating hack:

The fried cheese and here is a food hack that I never see anyone do. Get extra napkins. flip the cheese on a stick upside down and pull the stick out while holding the top in your hands with the napkins. Then eat from the bottom to the top with no mess and no stick.

Melissa B. expanded on the meaning of "what is your favorite snack":

Fried Oreo's by those ...ahem....firemen lol, and those Jalapeno Cheesesticks at that little white kiosk next to the Corn in a Cup, which I allllllllways have to get! Lots of Tajin!

Another commenter liked the firemen for their pickles, and even after volunteering for them, still doesn't know the secret recipe. From Jessica F.:

OMG the Fire Departments fried pickles. They're sooo yummy. I got to volunteer with them a couple years ago and make them. I don't know what they use in their "dirt" (batter), but they are a serious win!!!

Another food mentioned over and over is another savory favorite of mine: the corndogs. We have a slight bias for the Shriner corndogs because our station engineer is up there most nights manning the fryer.

For a sweet treat, most people were either Team Red Velvet Funnel Cake or Team Fried Pie. I am on Team Both, please.

To wash it all down was everyone's favorite, and my aforementioned must buy immediately upon entry choice: that incredible lemonade.

One thing I noticed is that most folks don't know the names of the places slinging their favorites, and that isn't a dig, it is just that it's such a ubiquitous experience for native Lubbockites that "the white building to the left" is completely sufficient information to find your food. Like Shyenne L. says:

I LOVE the pulled pork sandwiches from the white building across from the red building. If I knew what the buildings were called, that'd prob be more helpful.

Naw, that's okay, we've got it. I did read one tragic comment from Angel S.:

the baked potatoes  i was pregnant last year and cried when they weren’t there

As someone who has totally cried over food, I hope there are ample baked potatoes in your near future.

I would like to add some honorable mentions because there's no bad or even mediocre food at the fair. It all rules, and so much of the proceeds go to very worthy local causes.

chicken on a stick, and those homemade potato chip curl things with the choose your own toppings


I love the wings and the fried green tomatoes. We love the pork skins as well. [Ed. note: the fried green tomotoes are in fact, where it is at]


honestly the pizza


A few years ago, I went and bought some gumbo from some people who are from my area of louisiana. Definitely have to get more if they still sell!!!


baklava in a cup

My mouth is watering, and I'm sure there are forgotten or even new favorites to be found too.

For more information on the fair, including special admission dates and MegaPass details, head over to their website.

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