Three teens were arrested on Monday, September 26th, after it was discovered they had a gun.

KAMC news reported that three teens ran out of a bathroom at the South Plains Fair after being caught with a gun by a fair employee. Nearby police officers at the fair grounds were immediately notified after the incident occurred. Officers were soon able to find the teens and told them they were under arrest before two of the three teens attempted to run away.

Officers eventually found the two teens who fled and placed them under arrest. All three juveniles were transported to the Lubbock County Juvenile Center. One of the teens was charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon.

This incident occurred just a day before the Lubbock City Council approved the continuation of the Juvenile Curfew Ordinance. That ordinance prohibits people under the age of 16 to be out past certain times in Lubbock without an adult. The incident at the South Plains Fair occurred outside of the continued ordinance hours.

Texas is an open carry state, but the South Plains Fair doesn't allow for any guns, even if they're concealed or if the owner has a license to carry the gun openly in public in the State of Texas.

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