A bartender at Little Woodrow’s in Lubbock, Texas recently posted a video participating in a popular new TikTok trend.

The trend involves a specific dance along with the song ‘The Magic Bomb’ by Hoang Read. The videos are then captioned with various questions and the user gives their answer along with the beat of the song.

A lot of people use this trend to answer questions that they get asked frequently. Some take it in a sarcastic route and give false answers, while others give their honest thoughts.

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This bartender covers some of the questions she gets asked most often during work, and the answers seem to be pretty honest with a hint of jokes.

I can only imagine the shenanigans bartenders go through during each shift. Especially at a bar as popular as Little Woodrow’s. I’m sure there are plenty of drunk patrons that say silly things and ask ridiculous questions.

The same user also made a video about people making false promises while she is serving them. She acts out a scenario of a customer saying they will ‘hook her up' at the end of the night, but they end up only leaving a two-dollar tip.

Warning: NSFW Language

I wonder just how many people do this, and why they make false promises like that. I’m sure the low tip wouldn’t be as much of a disappointment if those comments hadn't been made in the first place. Either way, you should always tip your bartenders and servers well if they provide you with good service.

All of the bar shenanigans aside, it is cool to see Lubbock represented on such a popular app. I love posts that share silly stories and work experiences, and I encourage more people to make fun content like this!

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