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I don't like going to bars in Lubbock.

To be honest, I've never really been a fan of the scene. It's always been...a bit much for me. The sounds, the smells, the older guys trying to buy me drinks, it just wears me out.

Now, while I can appreciate the ego boost I get older men complimenting me (I am very cute after all), that interaction isn't one I jump at when given the chance. That goes for the whole social aspect of bar hopping around here, really.

But let's be fair. I don't think I'd like bar hopping regardless of where I lived. I'm just about as introverted as they come. My ideal Friday night? Video games and sleep. Ideal date? Taking a nap. What I do after a stressful day? Usually eat and nap. Social interactions drain me, and I need my "me" time or else I get cranky.

I bet you thought I was just gonna crap on bars in Lubbock because they smell or the crowds suck (well for someone who doesn't like crowds they do in general) or the prices or whatever. Gotcha! I'm just boring.

If anyone ever wants to spend an evening with me, a bar is one of the last places I'll suggest to hang out. Too much stimulation for my little baby brain.

If you really like going out to bars and having a wild time, I'm honestly kind of envious. The constant social interaction makes me want to crawl into a box and die, and it always seemed so fun to be able to just let loose.

Party on, friends. While you're out having fun, I'll be home watching my 2 goldfish swim back and forth and eat sand.

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