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For the first time I'm not going to be complaining about my own apartment complex. Rather, I'm going to tell the tale of the absolute cretins my partner has been dealing with for the past two weeks.

For the record, I will not name my partner nor will I name the complex they live in.

Aside from the past few days, it's been pretty dang hot in Lubbock. Temperatures have been getting well into 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and our ACs have been cranked up so we don't suffer from heat strokes.

Well, most of us have been cranking our ACs.

About two weeks ago as I'm writing this, my partner's AC broke down. Doesn't work. No cool air. This is a problem, obviously. Even with a ton of fans and all the windows and doors open, you're just moving hot air; it doesn't really help with the heat itself.

Of course, my partner alerted the complex immediately and they said they'd get on it. A few days passed with no update. They're coming home to a thermostat that reads 92 degrees. Awesome.

The complex said that to fix the unit they needed a specific part that wouldn't be there for another couple of days. Frustrating, but fair. At least they were doing something.

At this point it's been over a week after the AC first broke down. Now the complex is basically saying 'whoopsie, the whole thing is actually broken but you're first on the priority list and we will fix it in a few days.' Again, frustrating (very frustrating), but they're working on it.

Here we are over two weeks later and it turns out they have no idea what's wrong with the AC. No clue. They haven't known what was wrong the entire time and have just been saying that they're "fixing it" to get my partner off their back. Now, they have a team from Dallas driving here to figure out the problem and who knows how long that'll take.

When asked about having their rent reduced for the month since, y'know, the apartment has been literally inhabitable for weeks now, the complex said they couldn't comp them on anything. They have to pay a full month's rent even though their apartment has been completely inhospitable for half a month.

So I'm angry, and now y'all can be angry with me.

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