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It's rough trying to sleep late in the day when you live in an apartment complex.

Work has to be done around the place. I understand that. It makes sense, too, that this work would take place between roughly 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. since most hard-working adults are out working in this time frame. There are exceptions to this, however.

I work later in the day than most. I get to work around noon and will go home sometime between 7 or 8 p.m. Therefore, I go to bed late and wake up late, usually around 9 or 10 in the morning.

Most of the time I'm not woken up by my alarm (sometimes I sleep through it, as much as that annoys me). I'm woken up by loud and intense machines roaring right outside my window. Sometimes it's lawn care, sometimes it's the complex randomly deciding to completely repave the parking lot that was perfectly serviceable, sometimes it's the shouting of workers outside, and sometimes it's all of it at once.

Maybe this isn't as big of a deal to most people. I'm envious of those who can tune it out, honestly. My brain makes it hard for me to ignore interrupting external noise. Perhaps apartment life is a poor choice for someone with higher anxiety, but that discussion is for a later time.

Ever since my complex was bought out a few months back, the new owners have been having a field day replacing and rebuilding practically everything about the complex, whether it be the front door, the pipes, a brand new fence that serves no purpose since there isn't even a gate, sometimes completely renovating entire apartments just because the former tenant moved out. I'm surprised they haven't burst in and given me a new, less comfortable bed, honestly.

Considering my main complaints are about noises and and minor inconveniences, my living situation really isn't that bad. I understand many people have it worse. I just often find myself wondering when I'm jolted awake in the morning: What could they possibly be doing out there now?

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