Lubbock Animal Services recently mounted an amazing rescue that took almost an hour to save a sweet dog from sewer waters at a reclamation plant.

Lubbock Animal Services Director Steven Greene shared the amazing rescue story with me.

"It looked like he had either fallen in, possibly drinking, so he tried to get out and instead he got his head stuck under a drainage vent and so one of my officers and two of the sanitation workers worked for about 45 minutes getting him out of this completely raw sewage tank," said Greene.

This sweet dog, affectionately now named Duke, had old injuries on his back that needed medical attention. We're glad to report he is healing up well.

"The first day he was here he was really scared and shut down and now he's one of the most gentle and sweet dogs in here," Greene said.

Duke has been at the shelter for three weeks since his rescue and is looking for a forever home.

Below are some pictures of a few of more precious furry friends who need to find a good home. The way these sweet dogs reached out to me as I walked up really brought home to me how dearly they need a home to call their own. The sound of their howls and whimpers haunts me still. I wish I could bring them all home.

Lubbock Animal services is working diligently and doing a tremendous job tending to all of their needs. They have more than 400 dogs and cats. If you've been thinking about adopting, now is the time to visit Lubbock Animal Services, 3323 Southeast Loop 289, in  Lubbock. You can follow this link for all the details.

Coming soon, Lonestar 99.5 will be introducing a Pet of the Week feature showcasing Lubbock Animal Services animals looking for a good home. Through February, they also have a promotion that gives folks a free adoption opportunity. See details by following this link.

A great big thank you to Director Steven Greene and Lubbock Animal Services for all that they do.

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