The Raiderland was able to talk to two different bracketologists this week in preparation for the NCAA Tournament, and the ceiling for Texas Tech is still very much undecided.

On Monday we chatted with Dave Ommen from Bracketville and he was pretty sure that Texas Tech would be a three seed after losing to TCU over the weekend. Now, TCU has since beaten and hung around with Kansas in back-to-back games, but there are still a lot of great tidbits in the interview below.

Today, we chatted with Chad Sherwood from and he laid out a scenario to where Texas Tech could potentially land as a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament. You can listen to Sherwood's explanation here:

The basic nuts and bolts are this, according to Sherwood: If Texas Tech can beat Oklahoma State and win the Big 12 tournament while beating Kansas and Baylor again, it would be difficult for the Tournament Committee to deny them a 1-seed. They'd be finishing with a 5-1 record against the other potential Big 12 Conference 1-seeds, plus have a 5-2 record against all potential 1-seeds.

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I'm of the opinion that conference tournaments generally don't matter, but in this case, for Texas Tech that's a pretty intriguing path to the top of the South Region. It would also push the team into Fort Worth for the first two rounds and San Antonio for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 (should they make it that far).

Another question would be, with a beat-up roster, is it beneficial to fight and claw through an entire Big 12 tournament for an opportunity at higher seeds, or instead take a chance that their resume is strong enough on its own without a deep conference tournament run?

One thing that doesn't change is all of this hinges on the game in Stillwater, Oklahoma on Saturday, March 5th.

Texas Tech has opened as a 3-point favorite on the road. Oklahoma State is in the midst of a postseason ban so their season ends this weekend no matter what. That might make the task even harder than a normal Big 12 road game, which has proven difficult for Texas Tech so far this season.

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