The NCAA Tournament and the NFL's Super Bowl are the two most socially accepted Sports gambling events of the year. You've never bet on the NCAA Tournament you say? Ever entered an office pool? Ever joined a cousin's bracket challenge? Ever filled out a March Madness bracket period? Gambling.

Of course, sports gambling has been normalized more and more in the last several years and now it's more common to even see betting lines on the broadcast. You won't see that on NCAA tournament broadcast's on CBS, TNT, TBS, or True TV.

That's why I'm bringing you the content here. These lines are the best available lines as of Tuesday, March 16th. I cannot guarantee that you'll be able to find these lines if you try to take them to where ever you take lines.

If the State of Texas would get its act together I could tell you exactly where you could bet and I wouldn't have to talk like the shady guy in the corner of the bar saying, "What I'm about to tell you isn't illegal, but I can't promise that it's legal either."

My leans are not a recommendation to play, nor does it mean that I'll make that play.

That being said, here are the Big 12's opening lines:

Big 12 Betting Lines for NCAA Tournament Opening Weekend

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