Texas Tech Baseball started the season in contention for a National Seed. It's the respect that big-time programs get by being successful for large stretches of time. It might not be right, but if you start the season at three overall you're exponentially more likely to end the season at three for a pretty good season as opposed to an unranked starter has to finish the season in the top five.

If Texas Tech wasn't benefitting greatly from it I most definitely wouldn't like it, but Texas Tech is most certainly benefitting from it so I'm all in. All that being said, with two series losses in Big 12 play, Texas Tech baseball is firmly on the bubble of being a host site for an NCAA regional.

Granted they are way inside the bubble because of series wins over TCU, Texas, and Oklahoma State. I am more than comfortable saying that I guarantee that Texas Tech will be hosting a regional, meaning they'll be a top 16 seed in the NCAA tournament. I'm not breaking any ground or news here, D1Baseball had Texas Tech as a 9 seed in their latest projections, but stranger things have happened.

The real question is if Texas Tech, who started at three in most major polls, can get back into the top eight after not winning the Big 12. I think they can, but with a canceled series and only 6 games remaining it's going to take some hard work and a little bit of luck.

Here are six things that have to happen for Texas Tech to lock in a top-eight seed and host a Super Regional in Lubbock with a chance to go to Omaha on the line.

Six Things Texas Tech Needs to do to Host a Super Regional

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