Josh Kelley loves a lot of things in life: fly fishing, songwriting, making music, being a husband, but the thing he loves the most? Being a dad. Kelley and his wife, Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl, recently expanded their family by one when they adopted a second little girl, who they named Adalaide Marie Hope.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Kelley tells Taste of Country of fatherhood the second go around. “She’s phenomenal. She’s beautiful, and she’s just really chill. Sometimes I wonder if they take on the parents personalities or if some of them are just born like that. She’s a super good baby, and we love having her in our family.”

Kelley and Heigl had been considering adoption for some time prior to getting the call that there was a little girl waiting to find a loving home.

“We basically wanted to start adding to the family,” says Kelley. “Suddenly they just gave us a call one day and said, ‘Hey, this kid is going to be up for adoption … are you guys interested?’ We said absolutely.”

Going through the adoption process is something Kelley and his wife know all about, as the couple adopted their oldest daughter, Naleigh Moon, from South Korea when she was only nine months old. Now at 3 1/2, little Naleigh is becoming a pro at learning how to be a big sister to Adalaide.

“At first, she was like, ‘What is happening?’ But honestly, she’s great. She always wants to hold her baby sister. She thinks she knows the right way to do it … it’s hilarious,” laughs Kelley. ”She is very protective of her. It’s cool. They’re going to be best buddies hopefully.”

“Just like with anything, at first it’s going to be a little tough, but we just made sure that we were very, very aware of that challenge,” he continues, speaking of how Naleigh is handling sharing Mom and Dad’s attention. “That made it less of a challenge. We made sure that she got equal attention. I think, so far, that it’s worked.”

Kelley says that fatherhood the second time around definitely has it’s benefits — like knowing what to expect. “It’s totally different,” he says. “At first with Naleigh, I was a madman. I was worrying every five seconds. With Adalaide, I feel like I just get it more. I understand parenting a little better, even though she’s an infant. I used to help take care of my little sisters when they were infants, so I do remember a lot of that stuff. I love being a dad. It’s good. It gives you an extra little push to have motivation to work even harder and another reason to try and do well in your career.”

When asked whether he might like a little boy in the future, Kelley assures that if it’s meant to be, it will happen — but insists that he’s quite content.

“It’s all good in the hood,” Kelley says with a smile. “We’ve got plenty of boys in my family. If it happens, that will be great, if not, it’s all good. I’ll be surrounded by chicks like I am right now. I actually have a lot of friends who have all girls, and they love it. There’s nothing wrong with girls. I absolutely love them. They’re Daddy’s!”

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