Miranda Lambert is a strong, assertive and often opinionated leading lady in country music, but the Texas native admits she has come a long way from her awkward high school days. The ‘Fastest Girl in Town’ singer recently revealed a side of herself to USA Weekend that many fans may never have known existed.

“I was a cheerleader but had to stay extra to learn the dances,” says the former shy girl with self-confessed learning issues. “I was a little bit slower to learn things.”

The singer may have encountered trouble with memorizing high-kick routines, but the reigning ACM & CMA Female Vocalist of the Year admits that music was a better fit in her life. “When I picked up the guitar, it came so naturally,” says Lambert. “That’s where my drive started. I didn’t want to go to college, so I told myself, ‘I’ve got to make this work or I’ll be working at the grocery store.’”

Even as she matured, the now 28-year-old singer has often kept her rebellious nature in-check. Lambert recalls her first tattoo — and the not so pleasant response from her parents. “It’s the first thing I ever did without asking my parents,” the singer says of the two entwined revolvers with angel wings that covers much of her forearm. “My dad didn’t speak to me for a week.” At 22-years-old, Lambert was an opening act for George Strait at the time.

But with age comes wisdom for this singer. In the past year, her career has skyrocketed into superstardom status, and Lambert finally tied the knot to longtime boyfriend, fellow country superstar Blake Shelton, in 2011. “I feel settled,” she now admits. “I used to be a crazy girl with this rocking career. Now I’m a wife and have to make sure I take care of a husband.” She quickly adds, “I would never just stay home.”

“He’s taught me to not take myself so seriously. I would never laugh, and I had no sense of humor,” confesses the focused superstar. “I had to work all the time. He made me have fun. I think I’ve taught him how to really love. I don’t think he ever did before our relationship.”

Even with their blissful marriage, Lambert quickly dismisses the recurrent question of expanding the Shelton household. “I’m still selfish and want to be with my husband,” she says of their baby plans. “I don’t want to give anything up. When I’m 30 we’ll sit down and have a conversation.” The clock is certainly ticking, what with Lambert turning 29-years-old in November.

Until the couple is ready to make a baby announcement, both superstars will continue to plug away at their rising careers. Lambert is currently on the road with her 2012 On Fire headlining tour, which will take the singer cross-country for a majority of the summer in support of her latest chart-topping album, ‘Four the Record.’


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