Season 1 of 1923 delivered on a promise of romance, adventure, danger and action set in prohibition-era Montana. Was the show any good?

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren were the biggest names to join the cast of 1923, but by mid-season, many wondered who the real stars were. A storyline involving Spencer Dutton and his lover Alexandra became the focus — they're just so much fun to watch!

One member of the Dutton Rules podcast team used this as criticism in offering a grade and review for Season 1 of 1923 while another very much appreciated the levity. You can listen to the full episode here or scroll down to read abbreviated reviews. There are a few spoilers, however — be warned.

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1923 Season 1 Reviews With Grades:

Sterling Whitaker: A

This is a great season and I have loved this season a lot more than Yellowstone Season 5. It's better written and you have a (better) balance of violence of romance.

Billy Dukes: B

I didn't like 1923 as much as I did some of the others. In fact, I'd say it was my least favorite of all the Taylor Sheridan shows.

I thought separate locations (Africa and Montana) took away from the show as a whole and didn't let us get to know any character 100 percent, especially Jacob and Cara. Harrison Ford underwhelmed me a little bit. His character was almost a supporting character, which was a surprise.

Spencer and Alex were the opposite. We spent a lot of time with Spencer and Alex, but I would argue maybe a little too much time. At some point I'm like, "OK, let's just get 'em home already!"

I know that Taylor Sheridan wanted to make this two full seasons, and I agree that this deserves more than just eight episodes ... but I don't know that he needed 16 episodes.

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Adison Haager: A-

I loved the time preriod that we're in and this transition where we're coming into more industrial things. It's been fun watching Cara and Jacob when they went to town, and there's a washing machine and something called a refrigerator. I really enjoyed that.

To Sterling's point, I thought 1923 did a good job of balancing romance with everyday life and issues on the Dutton Ranch. Yes, we didn't get to see as much conflict on the ranch as I expected, but I do like that they balanced it more.

As much as you know I love Spencer and Alex ...  it took the entire season, and they're still not to Montana. To Billy's point, I totally expected that having two noteworthy actors in the show, I did expect them to have more of a presence. Poor Jacob was just trying to heal and stay alive throughout half of 1923.

When Does 1923 Season 2 begin?

The start date for Season 2 of 1923 has not been announced, so anyone you see offering details is just guessing. Reviews from other outlets are similar to those offered by Taste of Country and the Dutton Rules team. Rotten Tomatoes critics gave the show a 90 out of 100, while the audience gave in 66.

The average review at the 1923 IMDB page is 8.5 out of 10.

Pictures: 1923, Episode 8: Nothing Left To Lose

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