I mustard you a question: Do you like hot dogs?

Well, Lubbock's newest hot dog addition is going to make you flip. Jim and Kalia Clack are opening up a place called Boy Howdy Hot Dog.

The two owners are going to keep this a family-owned business. Jim is a local singer/songwriter with one album released so far. He plays around town and noticed some of the places he plays at don't have kitchens, like The Blue Light Live.

So Jim and his wife saw an opportunity to open a traditional New York-style hot dog cart from a family friend they had to jump on it. They sold an old F-150 pickup truck that was left by his father who passed away last year to scrape up the money and buy it.

Boy Howdy Hot Dogs
Boy Howdy Hot Dogs

Now they are ready to open up to the community. The cart is named “Boy Howdy Hot Dogs” after a song by one of Jim's favorite musicians, Willi Carlisle, who gave him permission to use the song’s title to name the cart in exchange for naming a custom hot dog after him. So you'll be able to enjoy a customized dog named “The Willi Carlisle.”

On their menu, their signature dog like what we talked about, “The Willi Carlisle" is how Jim has been fixin' his own dogs since he was in the Navy. In Seattle. where he was stationed, they would put cream cheese on the buns of street dogs. That flavor changed the way Jim saw hot dogs forever.

"I also am a huge fan of most Texans of best maid dill pickles. So I combined dill relish cream cheese sport peppers (from Chicago) onion celery salt and spicy mustard to make what I swear is the best hot dog you’ll ever eat," said Jim.

They will also have plain dogs, chili cheese dogs and an ultimate version of a chili cheese dog that they call the Boy Howdy. They will always have a variety of chips water and ice-cold RC Cola available on the cart.

Boy Howdy Hot Dogs
Boy Howdy Hot Dogs

"I’m known around town for being a fun and lighthearted country singer so we want the brand to be associated with fun and good times. I plan to set up on the street outside of The Blue Light Live regularly on Thursdays and Fridays when I’m not playing music," said Jim.

Which goes along great for his grand opening happening at The Blue Light Live on March 30th, 2023 from 7 p.m. until sellout. The address is 1806 buddy Holly Avenue Lubbock, Tx.

Later they plan to move into big concerts and events such as farmers' markets and the art trail as well.

"Our family and my music career have always had amazing support from other local entrepreneurs like Lance Lusk, Dustin Six (The Blue Light Live), Todd Coffman (Lubbock Party House), Trevor Cook (Cook’s Garage), Luke McClure (Pale Son Leather), Iris Britton (Uncle Chein’s Chinese Food) and Justin and Mellissa Duran (Family Power Sports, Recovery Room and M Print)," said Jim.

You can find out more about them on their Facebook page.

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