I received a story about National Burrito Day this Wednesday and I'm calling total b.s.

Image by ALFONSO CHARLES from PixabayImage by Bruno from Pixabay
Image by ALFONSO CHARLES from PixabayImage by Bruno from Pixabay

Who Doesn't Love Burritos?

I guess if you've lost all sense of taste and a bit of your will to live that you may not like burritos. For the rest of us, burritos are one of the greatest things ever. I'm not so sure that trying hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly in a tortilla in a rolled up tortilla is a "burrito" but I just want to say, I love everything burrito-esque.

The Survey

Anywhoo, the good folks who promote "National Burrito Day" biffed it this time around. They decided to check out Google and see what each states "favorite burrito order" was. For some reason, Texas came up as "chicken". While I love a nice chicken burrito, be it fajita chicken or chicken and rice, there is NO WAY that beef and bean doesn't come out on top. I guess maybe people are going and getting them themselves instead of ordering them, but this is heresy and someone needs to be held accountable.

The Actual Best

The problem with choosing the best burrito overall is they are so versatile to begin with. I actually just finished a carne guisada and it was amazing. Still, there is no way that the number one burrito in Texas isn't four things: beef, bean, cheese, and tortilla. It's the ultimate "go-to" burrito around here and if you  say otherwise, then someone needs to exorcise the demons from your mouth.

The Heretics

Again, the folks who came up with "chicken" as the ultimate are from a betting site, and they we're probably betting they wouldn't get called out on it. In my "highly scientific poll" only one out of twenty friends even mentioned chicken. I'm just not buying it. It's good, it's just not the tops.

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