Facebook (when it was on yesterday) was full of delighted fans who were hoping to see Jelly Roll in Midland.

Photos by, J. Heany, M. Minjarez M. Villa, S. Roy, J. Hernandez, K. Moore, N. Carillo, A. Shannon
Photos by, J. Heany, M. Minjarez M. Villa, S. Roy, J. Hernandez, K. Moore, N. Carillo, A. Shannon

The Scandal!

Something seemed a little suspect about this from the start. The word that was being passed around was that Jelly Roll was playing at the Midland Country Fair. I'm not terribly familiar with the area, but the question of "where" came to mind. I've been to a couple of fantastic venues in Midland, but no place big enough for the likes of Jelly Roll. Then again, Jelly Roll is a very humble sort who is currently trying to keep his ticket prices low, so it wouldn't completely surprise me if he did an "underplay" and hit up a smaller concert market.

The Truth

The problem was someone heard "Midland" and it was on. There may have even been an errant tag involved somewhere. The truth is that Jelly Roll is coming to Midland...Michigan. He will be playing at an event called, "Tailgate 'n Tallboys" that happens at the Midland County Fairgrounds, once again in Midland, Michigan. And just in case you still want to see the big man, keep in mind there are three events called "Tailgate 'n Tallboys" so make sure you get tickets to the correct event.


Don't take my word for it, take the Midland (Tx) County Fair's word for it. They posted the following:

*We would love to bring JellyRoll to Midland, but he is not playing at the Midland County (Texas) Fair in 2024. We are trying to get the tag removed ASAP!*

I am sorry this is such heartbreaking news for Jelly Roll fans. It will probably be a long, long time before he plays smaller venues again. He has become a huge phenomenon and can fill almost any area and/or place he chooses to play in.


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