If you are like me and crave popcorn, you will be so excited for this new business coming to Lubbock.

I have tried to make good popcorn but it is never made as good at home so I have high expectations for this new place.

According to Somethings Poppin's Facebook Page, the business is making rapid progress towards opening, and according to their website, they'll be fully operational this month.

The two people in charge of this program are General Manager, Eva Underwood and Popcorn Chef, Rudy.

Something Poppin will have around 50 flavors of popcorn and, "old school bulk" candy. They have flavors like extra buttery movie theater popcorn, sour cream and onion, vinegar and salt, dill pickle, ranch, kettle corn, pizza, and hot cheese for salty people. They will also have sweet popcorn like trail mix, puppy cow, poppin's crunch mix, cinnamon bun, s'mores, candy-coated popcorn and SO much more.

They also offer popcorn gift tins and fundraising opportunities. Additionally, it appears they will make up gift baskets as well.

I mean look at all these size options!! I'll take the big one for myself please.

Somethings Poppin
Somethings Poppin

Along with popcorn, they will have a sweet side too. That's right a full room of candy to look through and buy as well. So no matter if you are sweet or salty this is going to be a great place for everyone. I am ready to dig in, just look.

Somethings Poppin
Somethings Poppin

They are actually now open and ready for everyone to come out and enjoy all their awesome selections.

Somethings Poppin will open soon at 11804 Indiana Ave Suite 300 (formally 1000 Degrees Pizza). You can find out more about them on their Facebook page. 

Remember: if you know of any places opening soon or brand new to Lubbock that you want me to check out, reach out at: kelsee.pitman@townsquaremedia.com.

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