Last week middle school teacher Melissa Paul introduced her kids in Athens, Georgia to a new project--raising trout. In the past she's had classes at Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle School tackle jobs like raising chickens and growing poinsettias and even making cheese. And now Ms. Paul's come up with trout-raising! About 500 eggs came from "Trout Unlimited", a nearby trout conservation facility that's furnished other classes as well, and were placed in a 70-gallon tank. Because trout eggs require lower temps than other fish, each tank also includes a chiller. Students will be doing daily checks of the temperature and water acidity and in the process learning how trout eggs mature. One student told an area newspaper, "What's interesting to me is to...see how the life cycle's going to be". When the fish emerge, they'll be released into area streams. Hey, to me, this class beats the heck out of algebra!