There's an old superstition that if you walk under a ladder, it will bring you bad luck. A unofficial poll we took on the morning show showed most least our listeners... don't profess to being superstitious. But there are some things, like ladders, that we avoid, just in case there is something to this superstition thing.

But there are about 17 million people who are afraid of Friday the 13th(today). They are called "friggatriskaidekaphobics".The fear of that date is fairly new according to this site because the fear only dates back to the 1800s. The fear of Friday though has been around a long time, correlating to the death of Jesus Christ on Friday.

Here's a list of thirteen(yipes!)common superstitions:
1. Beginner's Luck - an idea that newbies will likely win a game
2. Find a penny - Pick it up and all day long, you'll have good luck
3. Don't walk under that ladder! - in medieval times,a leaning ladder looked like gallows
4. Black cats crossing your path - black cats associated with witches
5. A rabbit's foot will bring you luck - comes from Celtic tribal beliefs
6. Bad luck comes in threes - after a couple of bad luck happenings look for another one
7. Careful with that mirror-breaking it gives you seven years bad luck
8. 666 - from the book of Revelation in the Bible
9. Knock on wood - association with the Christian cross
10. Make a wish on a wishbone - Romans would fight over these for good luck
11. Cross your fingers - dating once again back to the Christian cross
12. No umbrellas inside - dates back to a poor Roman woman who opened her umbrella and her house collapsed
13. Friday the 13th - if bad luck happens, it'll be on this date

Have to admit, I do have some minor superstitions but I really don't think today I'll have any bad things happen--knock wood.

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