In my opinion Doug Stone has one of the best voices in country music. He can sing the slow bluesy ballads or he can rock it out. No matter what song it is, when Doug Stone sings it you know it's going to be good.


He was raised in Georgia and at the age of 5 learned to play the guitar. In his teens he would play the local skating rinks and then he moved on to playing the bars and nightclubs while working as a mechanic during the day.

Fame came late for Stone. He was past 30 yrs old when he signed a record deal with Epic Records. It didn't take long for him to hit the charts. His first album came out in 1990 and the first song off the album, "I'd Be Better Off (In A Pine Box)," went straight to the Top Five.

He had several hit songs in the 90's and always in the Top 10. But all that almost came to an end.

In 1992, Stone under went quadruple bypass surgery. After that he continued to tour and record more hit records.

But in 1995, he suffered a near fatal heart attack and that put everything on hold for awhile. Then in 1997, he was nearly killed in a plane crash. With all that happening, he finally decided to slow down.

Let's go back to the first hit song in 1990, which I think is one of the best country songs around.