One of the most recognizable figures in advertising is Ronald McDonald who's been around 48 years. But some people would like to see him gone. According to an Associated Press story in the CT Post newspaper, a group called Corporate Accountability International wants him to hang up those floppy shoes. The group says McDonald's should stop marketing fast food to kids, which, they say contributes to childhood obesity. But McDonald's officials insist their spokes-clown teaches kids to be active, and they have never considered retiring or even downplaying their smiling mascot.

Bet you didn't know Ronald started with a paper-cup nose and scraggly blonde wig and was played by Willard Scott in 1963. Since then, with a wig and costume change, we've seen Ronald on everything McDonalds... on toys and every other kid paraphrenalia and even a giant balloon in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He's a McDonald's 'constant' the Golden Arches...the Big Mac....and best fries ever! I seriously doubt this group will have much impact in convincing the world that Ronald is evil, but this is the same group that went after Joe Camel in the 90s and succeeding in running him out of town.  On a personal note, sure hope that doesn't happen to this big red-haired goofy clown in the yellow jumpsuit.  Just won't seem right