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These Texas fishermen were in for quite the surprise when a rattlesnake swam right onto their boat while out on the water.

One of the men on the boat posted a video on TikTok of him and his buddies enjoying their time out fishing. The camera then pans to show the rattler that is curled up in the corner of the boat, staring them down, with the caption “picking up hitchhikers.”

Warning: NSFW Language

This post was then followed up by a couple of videos showing more of the slithering friend that decided to join them on their fishing trip. They just let the snake hang out at the back of the boat, and fortunately, no one was hurt.

I wonder how far out they were and how long that snake was swimming before it got there. The rattler was probably glad to find something dry to hang out on and slithered right on to avoid drowning. The snake was probably just as startled as the men on the boat once it realized the situation it was in.

Without the videos, I don't know that I would believe a crazy story like this. I know snakes swim, but I have never heard of a rattler swimming far out into open water and ending up on someone's boat. Usually, you just have to avoid them when out on a hike.

Thankfully the fishers had their phones on them to document this crazy happening. I'm glad the guys on the boat didn’t get hurt and they made sure to snap some photos and videos to share with all of us.

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