More than half a million views in a week, a horned toad video has sparked serious interest on Facebook and has made headlines.

According to Everything Lubbock, local 4-year-old girl was fascinated by a horned toad eating ants in her backyard. Her mother recorded the cute interaction and shared it on Facebook for family and friends to see. But to their amazement, the video went viral and inspired many shares and plenty of comments.

Little Bailey Bohannon has befriended and even named this horned toad. She calls him Spikey. According to her mother Tonya, the video had 540,000 views and 11,000 shares in the span of a few days.

Many of the comments were people remembering past experiences with this species which has been rapidly disappearing.

Good job, Bailey - we think you have a future as a wildlife show host!

Special thanks to Tonya Bohannon for allowing us to share the video above.

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