We all love Thanksgiving food and that is comes with leftovers right? Well here is some ways to spice up those leftovers that you may have to something different.

Quiche/Frittata: You could do a lot of different things with quiches or Frittata. Here is an example of a recipe.

Thanksgiving CrunchwrapOk hear me out, think Taco Bell but holiday version. How fun is this? Or you could just do it easy and do a quesadillas. Here are the recipes.

Leftover Waffles: Waffles are great for so many things and people have gotten more creative with them. They do not just have to be for breakfast. Check out this cool one that's for Thanksgiving.

Soups: This is probably one of the first things I learned to do. My dad does it every year and it is always a little different which is fun. Here is a chili recipe if you need some inspiration.

Pies: We've all done soups, but have you done a pot pie or hand pies? You just put it all in the dish with a prepared pie crust and you are good to go! Super easy and fun.

Casseroles: This is something most people do but had to add it just incase. It is super easy to make any leftover food into a casserole by just adding some new ingredients, adding it to the oven to cook and you can hang out with your family until it is ready to go. Here is one way.

Anything sandwich related: This is probably my biggest go-to option, especially if you have left over rolls. But you can definitely spice it up, like turning it into a panini or something like that! Here is what the NY Times did.

Salads: If you are trying to eat healthy after stuffing your face you could also try a fun salad. Here is what Martha Stewart does.

Stuffed Peppers: All you have to do is take the peppers, cut them open, stuff whatever you want inside and bake to make it warm. How easy and simple right? Here is a recipe Delish did.

Pizza: I love pizza and everyone puts so many things on it but did you ever think about putting your leftovers on it? I think the kids would love doing this fun activity and gets them something to do. For example this recipe is a Turkey and Cranberry BBQ Sauce Pizza.

Thanksgiving Ring: Crescent rolls are something you need to keep in your fridge because a lot of fun recipes use them for leftovers like a fun easy ring you can do! Here is how they did it on Delish.

Fried Rice: This is something I definitely would have never thought about but it is so fun! Surprise everyone with this awesome dish for leftovers.

Pasta: This is something you could probably do with everything you already have in your house if you have noodles. Here are some examples to get you started but very fun and different!

Won Tons: Ok hear me out, this is such unique way to refresh your food so it is something different and delish. Check out how the Food Network did it.

Tacos/Burritos: This is something easy to do if you have tortillas at the house. You can fill them with whatever you like and make it your own or follow a recipe like this.

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