Garth Brooks surprised fans with seats in the first row and a special a cappella moment that blew everyone away during his Sunday (April 2) show in Lubbock, Texas.

This moment was then shared by the singer on his Insane Studio G Facebook Live video Monday night, April 3. Watch from the two-minute mark in the video above.

Chancey Frost and a friend were spotted in the back rows by some folks in Brooks' crew in the back rows and surprised with front-row seats at Brooks' Sunday show. Once up front, Chancey got his attention with their sign requesting "The Change."

At the 28:18 mark on the above video, Brooks says "Lubbock was so cool" just before his team surprises him with this clip. He called it "one of the sweetest moments that I've ever got to be involved with." Then, he actually FaceTimes with Chancey. Their exchange is a must-watch.

The country legend broke into spontaneous a cappella, which became a powerhouse moment here on his Lubbock tour stop. See the full video from Garth's Inside Studio G for this special moment and much more above.

Congratulations to these two lucky girls, Chancy and her friend, who inspired it and no doubt experienced a memory that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Garth Brooks, for bringing so much heart and love to us here in Lubbock!

See more video moments from Garth and Trisha in Lubbock below.

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