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Mainstream Boutique is now open in Lubbock, right next to the old BurgerIM at 7604 Milwaukee Ave.

You may have heard of them; they have stores across the country in 24 states. This is a Lubbock grand reopening announcement. They actually opened about 3 months ago right before things shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. So now they're excited to be back and making their presence known.

We were in the neighborhood to find out more about Mr. Brews Taphouse, which is getting ready to open right next door. We saw this new boutique's doors wide open, and their colorful, fun, interesting fashion just bursting out onto the sidewalk.

Mainstream Boutique is a franchise that got its start in Minnesota. Founder Marie DeNicola shares her story on their website. It was her "love for women and all things fashion," and their heartfelt mission of caring and helping women to feel good about themselves, as well as offering one-on-one service, that got this store off to an impressive start many years ago.

We couldn't miss it and had to go explore the store. One thing is for sure: spring fashion is in the air, and colorful fresh displays are everywhere in Lubbock.

Can you ever have too many clothes? That's what you have to wonder. And then you realize fashion is always changing. Last year's look can feel a little tired, so maybe it's time to update. Now more than folks are bursting to get outside, so a fashion update could be just the thing. A fresh new look coming out of this pandemic could absolutely be good medicine.

It's hard to keep up with all the new fashion, but it's best to shop with your heart. When you see something that just feels right, try it on. Of course, there are always the surprises. Sometimes when something looks simple on the hanger, you don't realize how it might wind up becoming the favorite new thing in your wardrobe, so try it on.

Congratulations to Mainstream Boutique. Welcome to Lubbock -- again! Explore the store in our photo gallery below.

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