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We will gather again. We have to gather again. Some of the best times of our lives have been at gatherings, and so it does us good to reminisce and look forward to big crowd get-togethers again, hopefully sooner than later.

What are some of your favorite gatherings? What are some of your favorite concerts? We absolutely had to go back and find photos that captured some of the greatest Lubbock country concert moments in recent years. Some of our best Lubbock memories were live on stage in concert.

Concerts are such a fantastic experience. Seeing your favorite music performed live and in-person is an unforgettable thing every single time. And there are those great, little, off-the-page moments that are never going to happen again. The total experience is what it's all about.

While it's been fantastic watching so many of our favorite artists stream performances during the coronavirus quarantine, it's just not the same. Hey, it's about all the people, too. The big stage and all that accelerated energy doesn't quite happen the same way in isolation.

Yes, we're stating the obvious. Over-analyzing? Maybe. But after this pandemic, I think we'll never take for granted what it means to be able to gather together for a concert again.

So with all that being said, let's remember some of the biggest Lubbock concerts we've shared in recent years, and start planning for when they will happen again.

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