Texas, the iconic state that it is, has a lot of songs that mention it. There are especially a lot of country songs that are completely dedicated to the Lone Star State.

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Living in a popular state feels a lot like having a popular name. You know that excited feeling when you hear your name in a song? If you are named Johnny or Mary, then you know what I’m talking about. It's a really cool thing to hear, and people who don’t live in a popular state or don’t have a popular name can’t hear it as often.

It’s the same concept as finding your name on a keychain. I have a pretty basic name, so I can usually find one, but those with a unique name can never find one of those souvenir keychains.

Growing up in an unpopular state, there aren't many songs that mention it. However, now that I’m a Texan, I get all of those relatable songs that I missed out on growing up.

With that in mind, I went on a hunt to find as many songs as I could that mention Texas in some way. Although I could have a whole list of just country songs that mention the state, I tried my best to pull songs from some different genres.

There is a bit of pop, rock, and even some hip-hop. I do still have some country songs in the mix because they are iconic and deserve to be included.

These are 25 songs that mention Texas:

25 Songs That Mention Texas

These are 25 songs from various genres that mention Texas.


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