Country music up-and-comer Frankie Ballard sauntered onto the stage at the South Plains Fair and made all the Lubbock ladies swoon.

Lonestar 99.5 welcomed the young country star to the stage that Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly once played. Ballard knows all about the Coliseum's history too, and he tweeted out a video before the show paying respect to the legendary venue.

Ballard definitely takes some cues from both artists. He has the hip shake (and looks) of The King, with the musical chops of Buddy Holly. Is there a better combination?

As you can see in the photo gallery above, Ballard drew dozens of girls to the front of the stage to swoon and sing along. He clearly enjoyed the crowd's enthusiasm, joking: "I came out, I was nervous. Now, I'm real nervous."

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