Flatland Cavalry opened the 2015 JAB Fest with their funky, cool sound. Everyone loved it -- especially a couple fans who traveled to Lubbock from Scotland for the show.

scottish couple at JAB Fest 2015
Jacqui Neal, Lonestar 99.5

Yes, you read that right. There was a couple from Scotland (photo, left) at the show. We talked with them about their journey to Lubbock. Look for a video of that chat shortly!

Back to Flatland Cavalry.

With a mix of traditional country and some quirky additions of their own, Flatland Cavalry is one band that we think will be around for a while.

They had a great response from the crowd with the energetic, heartfelt blend of Americana and folk-country groove they call their own.

See crowd photos from JAB Fest 2015 below

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