Oh happy day!!!  It's time for the South Plains Fair - which means it's time for my favorite food of all time!!!  FAIR FOOD!

I'm sorry - I don't care who you are - there is just something about eating a foot long corn-dog smothered in mustard that has been cooked in a deep fryer that is in the back of an old truck or attached to a trailer!  Nom, nom, nom!!!

Oh - and the spiral potatoes!??  Lord have mercy I could eat my weight in spiral potatoes!  But I will say - these bad boys are tricky when it comes to walking and eating!  I am proud to say that I have fine tuned the skill of eating the spiral potatoes smothered in season salt and ketchup while walking to the fresh squeezed lemonade stand without dropping a single spiral!  It's a real challenge I tell ya!  You never know when you go in to grab a spiral as to exactly how long the spiral is going to be and therefore you risk knocking other shorter spirals onto the ground (a BIG TIME Fair Food 'no-no')!

I swear to you - I eat Fair Food multiple times during the week to 10 days that it is open.  In fact, there's a group of us from the radio station that go to the fair for lunch at least a couple of times while it's here.  We have to make multiple trips because some of us just can't eat a corn-dog, spiral potatoes, turkey leg, fried snicker's bar and drink 3 large lemonades in one meal - as much as we would like to, it's just not possible!

So - with fair season kicking off this Thursday - tell me, which 'fair food line' will I find you in?

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