Dolly Parton has a couple of things about her that stand out. Steady, boys, I'm talking about her singing and songwriting ability that've lasted so long. Dolly


reached a birthday milestone in January and told "Liverpool's Echo", "I look at the numbers and I think, 'Can I really be 65 years old?' But I don't feel any different from when I first went to Nashville. Everyday when I wake up with new dreams and new thoughts. I look at all the good things that happen to me. I'll always try to be the best me I can be for that age."
Dolly adds that at home she doesn't 'hire help', but rather she takes care of their own stuff. She says, "I make up my own bed, I wash my own clothes and do my own dishes and cook my own food. My husband takes the trash out." A down-home terrific gal who did a terrific performance during Porter Wagoner's 50th Anniversary at the Grand Ol' Opry.

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