If you're a dog lover and have ever lost one, you can probably relate to the emotion Kelly Clarkson was feeling recently. New Year's Eve was celebrated in Oklahoma by Kelly, along with Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton when she received a phone call from her sister that Kelly's dog, Joplin, was missing. Kelly tells American Country Countdown, "I lost it and started bawling when she told me. Seriously I was so dramatic, but I don't have children and they are my babies that I sleep with every night...I literally walked around for hours looking for him."

She adds that when she finally spotted Joplin entangled in some vines, she plodded through a shallow pond to free him from the thorny leaves. "...he was half in the water and stuck and I got my knife and cut him free and carried him home. I can't believe that happened! It is like a movie!" Joplin is one lucky dog to have such a devoted owner. And his rescue might stand a chance of being made into a made-for-tv movie. Here's one of my favorite songs this last year with Kelly providing a great partnering voice with Jason Aldean.