I can't defend Coach Matt Wells. The fact is, I don't know enough about the program to judge him.

What I can say is that I was done when Wells threw David Yost, who at least appeared to be a big part of his success, under the bus. Heck, I knew right off the bat that no matter how much Texas Tech won or lost, they were going to get rid of "that longhair" at the very first opportunity.

Since 2009, the football team has had three head coaches and three interim coaches. I don't even want to try to count the revolving door of assistants (that are, of course, traded out to give the current head coach a few more months).

Texas Tech keeps hoping to find a diamond in the rough, but diamonds take a lot of time and pressure to develop. We aren't going to become a destination for recruits as long as we have a revolving door at the top. We also aren't going to build a program when we have fans acting like jerks in the stand, throwing stuff on the field, being obnoxious, and leaving before the game is decided, but that's another post.

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No matter who is hired, maybe we need to do a real, long-term rebuild. You can't just keep firing people and expecting things to improve. As a matter of fact, if we have to keep firing coaches, we may really need to look at who's responsible for all the bad hires. It's awesome that somehow we find a way to keep throwing money at this problem, but eventually, some qualified candidates are going to decide that it's just not worth the risk.

Lastly, to the next coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, step up and ask the community for their support. Come by the radio stations and talk to the fans. Tell the fans what you expect from yourself and the team and teach them what you need from them.

Maybe if you'll take the time to get to know Lubbock, people won't be so quick to run you out of town.

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