As a Texas Tech alumna, I love supporting the team and going to games, but I swear sometimes our fans just go too far. This weekend at the Texas Tech-Kansas State game, some fans went too far.

I'm all for yelling, cheering and having fun, but this weekend at the Kansas State game, a few rowdy fans went way over the line.

I'm so happy that we now sell beer and other drinks at home games. However, some people need to learn how to handle it and behave.

The first group of people I sat near snuck in tortillas, which is great. But it's a tradition that shouldn't be abused.

These fans would chunk the tortillas directly at the security guy on the field as soon as he turned around. If that security guard who got hit by flying tortillas is reading this, I want to seriously apologize for how those fans were acting and thank you for being the bigger person and not throwing the fans out of the stadium -- even though they deserved it. I saw lots of other people get thrown out for acting a fool; the drunk bus was in full force this weekend.

And to the man at the game yelling vulgar things at the Goin' Band From Raiderland as his family looked on...why? The stuff he was saying made me cringe and definitely something I did not want to hear at my age about anyone, let alone saying it in front of your middle school son. As the team started playing worse and worse, the tasteless expressions got even more unacceptable.

The band is there to support OUR team and make OUR fans excited for the game. What did they do to you? You're an adult with a child, and showing him exactly how not to behave.

Honestly, as a Texas Tech fan, I understand that it's hard when a game is not going well on the field. That does not mean you need to act a fool off the field. Let's stay classy while still having some fun before Texas Tech retracts the decision of selling alcohol at The Jones.

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