In just one day the Texas Tech community raised more than $10,000 for students camping out for the Texas Tech vs. UT game on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 in Lubbock.

There was a GoFundMe created to buy the kid's food and drinks that started camping out after the Texas Tech basketball played Mississippi State on Saturday. The game wrapped up a little before 8 p.m. and as soon as it ended the students headed out to camp. This is 72 hours ahead of the big game on Tuesday versus the Texas Tech basketball game where they'll host Chris Beard and the Texas Longhorns in the USA.

These students are given wristbands for whatever time and day they show up and are leaving to go to class and still get stuff done but show the support of the players. I love this policy and how Raiderville works.

The GoFundMe was created Sunday morning (January 30th). As I'm writing this article, they have raised $11,990 dollars with 125 donors. One donor named Joe Fairless donated $6,000 to the cause.

Texas Tech Student Camp Out at The USA
Texas Tech Student Camp Out at The USA

This was written by the fundraiser creator, Patrick Worthen:

First off, thank you to everyone who has donated and helped with this cause. So amazing to see Red Raider Nation come out in full force! After multiple Walmart and Academy trips, we have provided, heaters, propane, blankets, hand warmers, tables, coolers, ice, cups, plates, paper towels, snacks, water and Gatorade. Tiff's Treats will be delivering cookies tonight and tomorrow. Whataburger is providing breakfast tomorrow morning and we are partnering with a local restaurant for lunch. A large tailgate is taking place tomorrow afternoon/night with quite a few local restaurants and business owners participating. as well. We are participating in that partnership and have pledged to donate $5,000 of the money raised to help provide that tailgate. I will continue to update with info and pictures. Please feel free to share and keep donating. And thank you again Red Raider Nation!

The Raider Riot, the student group that started Raiderville, told me about what it means to them to have this support from so many people:

“It’s insane seeing how much support the fans, alumni & students are giving just Texas Tech as a whole. Us students are so blessed to get the support we have through donations at Base Camp. There has even been a donation trend to the Texas Tech food pantry just by fans getting Jeff Goodman to change his profile picture on Twitter to Black and White and many people have joined in to donate. We have people starting a dunk contest on Twitter and for every Texas Tech player that gets a dunk, some people are gonna donate $100 to the charity of the player’s choice. It’s a big game, yes. But to me, seeing the community of Lubbock rally around each other for this game really shows how we are West Texas Tough & we stick together through it all. I love this University and I am proud to be a Red Raider,” said Shelbie Rhodes, Executive of Freshman Recruitment.

"To me it is so crazy yet so amazing how many people support and encourage not only the tech mens basketball team but the students who are willing to camp out for this game," said Kylie Haseloff, Exec Co, Fan- Engagement, Raider Riot. "Parents, Alum, companies, etc are going out of their way to make sure that the campers are fed and warm. Seeing what all has happened these past few days makes me proud to be apart of the Texas Tech family."

Along with this support, the community is stepping up to black out Twitter. Something simple and easy, but really showing the team that they are behind them. This was started by Gamblin’ Gauchos, but now the players and other people are getting involved as well. It's super easy, you just change your picture to black and white and hashtag  #BlackoutTheUSA

Since they have plenty of money raised, you could also help out with the other fundraiser going on for Raider Red's Food Pantry. This started with Gamblin’ Gauchos saying if Jeff Goodman went into blackout mode, Matt (@MateoNoMayo) would pledge $200 to the food pantry for Texas Tech students experiencing food insecurity. Then the Gamblin’ Gauchos threw in $100. Through February 1st, all tips sent through the tip button on the profile will also be added. Now the whole community is set up to do the same thing. You can find that donation website here.

This really just puts a smile on my face to see how much the community is really coming together to support the team and the university. Mark Adams, this one's for you!

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