Funny guy Ray Romano and his wife have recently been through some un-funny stuff. His wife, Anna, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was successfully kept from media attention to protect their privacy.

Ray tells People magazine that in 2010 a doctor discovered a lump in Anna's breast. A biopsy revealed that she did indeed have invasive breast cancer

She went through four rounds of chemotherapy and has made a full recovery. Ray,54, and Anna,48, have been married twenty-four years, have four kids and he says, "We dodged a, we want to give back".

According to mammography is the best screening tool to detect breast cancer. The Romanos are sponsoring mammogram vehicles in New York City through the American Italian Foundation.

It's good to hear her treatment has been successful. I'm sure it help Ray Romano continue to be a funny guy. Here's a clip from his hugely successful "Everybody Loves Raymond."

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