Last night I came home from work and I sat down to eat dinner (for which my husband cooked – WINNING!!).  I then got the children off to bed and then sat down to relax and browse around on social media as my husband watched TV.

Now as most of you already know, I don’t really like watching TV aside from the shows that I DVR –but tonight something about what my husband was watching caught my attention.

I hear the following come out of the TV set –

We are tracking down a woman who has stabbed her toddler children in the arms and legs and then forced them to drink her urine.

Wait.  WHAT????  ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME???!!!

I look up to see what the hell kind of demented horror movie my husband is watching only to be faced with the unbelievably sad reality that he is watching a reality show called ‘Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force’ on a channel called ‘Crime & Investigation HD TV’, which means that this nightmare is a TRUE story.

Immediately my heart breaks into a million pieces and I am filled with a rage towards this ‘mother’ that really kind of frightens me.

Here’s the thing – I am not a naïve person that is oblivious to the fact that there are evil people in the world, but never in my life could I have ever fathomed that there existed a ‘mother’ (that is clearly spawned from the depths of hell) that would force her own children to DRINK HER URINE AFTER STABBING THEM!!!

So now, me being me, I want to fix this – IMMEDIATELY.  I want to assure that no child ever has to DRINK URINE or suffer any other form of abuse…physical or mental!  And the sad thing is, is that no matter how hard I fight this fight or how much money I have or how many resources I have available to me – it will never be enough to keep every child safe.  And that fact destroys my soul.

But mark my words…today and tomorrow and every day thereafter – I will continue to fight the good fight to keep our babies as safe as I possibly can.  I will use my voice – as small as it may be – and any other resource I have, to help put an end to the abuse that happens all too often.  I received a ton of good information today after a chat with Melissa from CASA of The South Plains and I think I know where I'm going to place my efforts.

I’m sorry to blog about something so terrible – but maybe, just maybe – one child will be rescued from his/her torment because someone read this blog and felt moved to join the fight…and if so, then the broken hearts we suffer from hearing about this horrible story is well worth it.

Think about it like this – while you can choose to not HEAR evil stories such as this because it breaks your heart, there are children out there who have NO choice and must LIVE these evil stories every day.

Please be good to each other – and for the love of innocence, save those who can’t save themselves!