Carson Daly was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he talked about how much he loves his cold-blooded killer friend, Blake Shelton! He did and didn't mean it literally, but we all already know about Blake's love of hunting. :)

Reruns aren't a new concept, but sometimes I find it hard to stay up for the late shows so I'm an individual who's thankful for 'em otherwise I would've never known about this interview to share with you guys!

Carson Daly returns to the Jimmy Kimmel Show to hang out and chat about the old days when he actually used to be Jimmy Kimmel's intern! (Look at him now!)

After a good few minutes of back and fourth friendly (and funny) bantering, Jimmy begins to discuss 'The Voice', which Carson hosts and Blake Shelton is a Celebrity Judge on.

"I like the guy" Carson says, "Well, he's a cold-blooded killer, he's a hunter; he hunts for everything. When we're not shooting...He goes back home and just starts texting me dead carcasses! He's always shooting, but he is a great guy!"

They seem like an unlikely pair of friends, but you'll get a good kick out of Carson chatting about Blake. He even goes on to compliment his music saying that 'Drink On It' is one of the best songs he's ever heard.

If you're watching the video, skip forward to 3:45 for the conversation to turn back towards 'The Voice' and Blake :)