Carrie Underwood is one of the highest profile singers in country music and with her nice girl image she's garnered yet another fan, one she swayed over from reggae music. Carrie's latest follower is Bethany Hamilton, real-life surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. Carrie appears in the movie which showcases Hamilton's story, "Soul Surfer", playing Hamilton's best friend Sarah Hill. Bethany says of Carrie, "...She's incredible. I'm always listening to her and to 'Jesus, Take the Wheel'." AnnaSophia Robb, from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" fame, plays Bethany Hamilton in the movie. Robb likes country music too, spending time with her friends at the honky-tonk Grizzly Rose in Denver where line dancing is the craze. So, as a former American Idol champ, Carrie Underwood not only expands her career, but fan base as well. Here's Bethany's favorite Carrie Underwood song.