What an incredible opportunity it was to interview Bobby Bones when he came to Lubbock. I learned a lot from the beloved radio host and got to meet his wonderful dog, Dusty.

We sat down backstage before the show at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center and I couldn't help but ask if local legend Buddy Holly was an influence on his eyewear. And he said yes, he absolutely was. "When I was like 11, my grandma would play Buddy Holly records all the time. So I was like, well, if I have to wear glasses, I want to look like that guy," he said.

I also learned that Bobby really loves Texas. "I just love Texas. Texas is my favorite place to go because the people are the best. We wanted to come to Lubbock because [Lonestar 99.5] is so great to us," he said.

I asked about his upcoming television plans. Unfortunately, he still can't say much: "I'll go to jail. I don't want to go to jail. But in a few months, I'll tell you, I promise!"

We also touched on the tragedy in Las Vegas and the horrible recent shooting of a Texas Tech police officer. 

Don't miss this conversation with Lonestar 99.5 morning show host, Bobby Bones. You can hear him every weekday morning on air or through our online streaming player.

Thanks so much for coming to Lubbock and for your awesome morning show, Bobby!

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