Earlier this year, Lonestar 99.5 FM's Bobby Bones announced his new television show with National Geographic called 'Breaking Bobby Bones.' Since then, Bobby hasn't mentioned much about the show except that they will potentially start filming this month.

Finally, on The Bobby Bones Show the other morning, Bobby filled us in on some updated information.

The 16-part series will follow Bobby as he travels across the country to find working-class Americans with "unique jobs, skills, hobbies, and abilities." He will work with them to learn some of the skills behind their trade and "live up to his mantra - Fight. Grind. Repeat."

Now, Bobby updates us with some details about the participants on the show. He said one of the episodes will be filmed in Idaho with a blind white water rafter, where Bobby has to learn how to navigate a body of water while being blindfolded. He also shared that another episode will be with a woman wrestler. While those were the only details he revealed about some of the episodes, he also noted that some of the filming in certain locations has been put to a halt due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Morgan Huelsman from the Bobby Bones Show contributed to this post.

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