When Blake Shelton married Miranda Lambert they got longtime friend Neal McCoy to do the music at the reception. And it's widely known that Blake and Miranda worked as producers on McCoy's upcoming album. Shelton praises McCoy telling this site there's a reason people LOVE Neal McCoy."..if you ever see him in concert you'll know why. I love the guy, you know, and when you see him perform on stage it's embarrassing to follow him because you're going, 'Now that...that's what every artist in this town should have to go watch, Neal McCoy in concert and take notes and realize that when we leave this town we're not playing at the Bluebird anymore. You need to get out there and whip ass and entertain people like Neal McCoy does.'"

McCoy has released 10 studio albums and 34 singles since the late 1980s and is continuing to tour. If you want to see him in the near future, head to Branson, Missouri. He has tour dates booked there. Here's one of his great songs.

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